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Still active!

I know I don't post here, but I still use the account. So I'm putting up a post to prove it's not an inactive account. That is all.

On a lighter note, the snozberries taste like snozberries!
I went to the neighborhood association's annual BBQ yesterday and there were about 100 people there. Three of them actually sat and talked to me (not counting the drive-by "Hi" or "put the food there, take a nametag"). I tried to get involved in other conversations, but I couldn't seem to get people to respond for more than a sentence or two. This on top of not seeing Chef much for the past few weeks (due to my work schedule and his) did not make for a happy evening. Obviously people are willing to tell me all their problems (even waiting for the free massage in the Whole Foods - I'm off duty there, people!), but is there something about me that makes people not want to socialize? ::grr...::


"Kink is the feather, crazy is when you use the whole chicken."

Truer words were never spoken...

Fit testing

It sounds like someone is examining whether you are skilled/appropriate enough to proceed with a task. But no, it's to make sure you know how to wear a mask that protects you from tuberculosis. You can smell the saccharine down the hall (literally), then you have to put the mask on, put a big biohazard-type hood on, and read a stupid paragraph about rainbows while the examiner sprays saccharine into the hood to see if it gets through the mask. It's annoying but not too onerous.

The main point is this: nowhere other than this stupid paragraph have I heard anyone talk about a pot of molten gold at the end of the rainbow. Am I just missing out?
Second long weekend in a row. Getting some things done inside the house, but it's too damn cold to do anything productive outside (like pick up some of the dead branches laying around the yard and break them up for kindling, or finish the platform for the compost bin). 30 freaking degrees, people!!!

Oh yeah, happy new year!


I know kids can be just as shitty to each other as adults, but I still hate to be reminded of it... Yesterday my therapy kid told me about the on-and-off love interest's latest betrayal. Hopefully the last one. Yeah, kids can be really shitty.
End of a four-day weekend, going into another three-day week. Damn, but I wish I'd taken some vacation days... Don't wanna get up this early!
Happy Christmahaunnakwanzayule!


It was my last day on walk-ins ever. The first half of the week had been pretty rough, Wednesday was easier but I still stayed until 7:30. Then the morning of my last day was deadly calm. I saw one patient in follow-up and got called about 1 guy in the ED around 11a, and then it just started pouring in. By check-out rounds at 4:30p, there were about 6 people in the walk-in clinic and five in the ED. During rounds the pager went off with two more ED consults. I almost threw it on the ground, so I tossed it on the table instead. Luckily a few other people had pitched in so I was only passing off four physical exams and three who needed a full assessment (the two that got called at the last minute don't count, dammit!).

Never again...

Work hazards

Sometimes it sucks being a shrink. If you have a really weird dream, you can't tell any of your friends about it or they'll all analyze you...



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