pict_shrink (pict_shrink) wrote,


It was my last day on walk-ins ever. The first half of the week had been pretty rough, Wednesday was easier but I still stayed until 7:30. Then the morning of my last day was deadly calm. I saw one patient in follow-up and got called about 1 guy in the ED around 11a, and then it just started pouring in. By check-out rounds at 4:30p, there were about 6 people in the walk-in clinic and five in the ED. During rounds the pager went off with two more ED consults. I almost threw it on the ground, so I tossed it on the table instead. Luckily a few other people had pitched in so I was only passing off four physical exams and three who needed a full assessment (the two that got called at the last minute don't count, dammit!).

Never again...
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